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Hello Married Couple,

On Saturday February 16, 2019 we ask that you attend The Excellent Marriage Workshop.  This one day Marriage Workshop Charlotte NC is  Led by Licensed Therapist Deona Frierson and her Husband David.  They are exceeding 16 years of marriage and are ready to allow their knowledge and transparency to penetrate your marriage.  Though the group dynamics could allow more focus on one particular topic than another, below is what you can expect to learn at the workshop.

This Marriage Workshop will cover topics such as:

  • Defining Marriage
  • The Art of Effective Communication (The Imago Dialogue Process)
  • Intimacy (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical)
  • The Marriage Vision
  • Common conflict area such as Finances, Sex, etc… and Why they are not really “THE” problem
  • and much more….

Whether you are hoping to provide a spark to your marriage, learn new tools and concepts, or at the point of separation or divorce, this workshop is perfect for you.  Please note the workshop is not a substitute for private couples therapy.  Furthermore, you don’t have to divulge personal information nor will this information be shared in front of the entire group.  However, what you will learn and practice during the one day workshop is unheard of.  David and Deona’s methods are distinct and they work well together as a married couple.  Be prepared as the knowledge gained can instantly provide what you need to obtain The Excellent Marriage.


10:00 am – 5:00 pm  (There will be an hour break for lunch then we will reconvene)

Event Location:

The Excellent Marriage Conference Room

2301 W. Morehead St, Suite E, Charlotte, NC 28208

Most importantly, wear comfortable attire so you can relax and fully take-in all they share.  Bring any questions you may have for David and Deona as there will be opportunities for you to ask questions.  To learn more about our marriage services visit Marriage Counseling


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