Online Marriage Counseling

INITIAL Sessions CAN LAST up to 1 hour 15 minutes ($200) Ongoing Sessions Last 50 minutes ($150)

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can receive online marriage and pre marriage counseling.  Licensed Therapist, Deona Frierson, will meet with you online in the privacy of your home or other location.  The therapeutic process is virtually the same as the work done in the office. Even in a virtual setting, Therapist Deona Frierson will provide the therapeutic techniques expected from a Certified Imago Therapist according to psychology today Tasks such as resolving conflict, determining presenting issues, strengthening connection and more can effectively be accomplished using this option.
Some of you have asked about our excellent online marriage counseling courses.

Similar to our private sessions, the content for our online marriage counseling courses are the same as attending in person.  Group capacity is maintained to allow an adequate number of questions to be answered.

The Excellent Marriage provide services using HIPPA compliant relationship counseling technology.  The secure technology uses online live video at real-time and can serve as a great alternative when in-person therapy sessions are not possible.

Online Marriage Counseling

Benefits of Online Marriage Counseling

There are some great advantages to receiving therapy online over the internet. As previously stated, you and can be anywhere in the world and still ensure your marriage strives.  Sometimes schedules, children, and jobs can make it difficult to attend in-person appointments. These obstacles and more can be overcome through online services with The Excellent Marriage.

Online Marriage Counseling is also a great alternative if your partner isn’t physically near you but at another location, city, state or even country.  The only requirement is to have a descent internet connection and you are all set to receive the service. Now your marriage goals can still be achieved without waiting for the convenience of an in-person appointment.

Couples who are remote and not located near a therapist or relationship counselor should also consider this option.

Scheduling your Online Appointment

To begin your journey with The Excellent Marriage and our video counseling services, give us a call or email today.  Our receptionist will schedule you an appointment then explain the simple and easy process of receiving marriage counseling online.   Contact us Now!


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