Marriage Gift

23 Dec 2017

Gift of Marriage

Marriage is a gift—A gift that you both have chosen. This holiday season while remembering this very sentiment honor your Marriage with your presence, shared commitment to one another and relentless unconditional love. Love is a gift that is both given and received and is the highest expression of who we are. Send the message loud and clear to your beloved this holiday season (and daily), “You Are My Greatest Gift and You Are Deeply Loved.”

Brighten your holiday season by taking a moment to contemplate how you can express your love beyond what you can purchase. It’s time to experience the marriage of your dreams.  As 2017 is coming to an end, this is the perfect time to create The Excellent Marriage Tradition for just you two.

Set aside precious time to honor your Marriage.

Practice gratitude while you Reflect and Dream. Share with one another all that you are grateful for.  Then honestly dialogue about what has gone well and not so well this past year. It is up to you to share your voice, vision and goals. Open your heart to understand from your beloveds’ perspective their experiences, hopes and desires. Now Dream…Make plans that cultivate your relationship and build connection knowing that anything is possible if you believe.

Marriage is a gift—One that you will continue to unwrap for the rest of your lives. So with curious excitement continue to cherish this time learning one another and growing remembering that it is amazing when you give and allow yourself to receive LOVE.

Merry Christmas

David & Deona Frierson

The Excellent Marriage Challenge

Share time with your spouse going over these connecting questions

-Your greatest memory of us?

-What would you like to accomplish this upcoming year?

-Your greatest fear?

-What makes you feel loved?

-What makes this time of year special for you?

-Most appreciate about me?

If you desire to have The Excellent Marriage–with an abundance of hope and possibility this holiday season and the whole year through we encourage you to Click Here and Contact us today.


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