21 Apr 2018

There is an increasing amount of talk about the impact of Social Media on Relationships today. Some may argue that social media has a more negative impact than positive. Social Media usage has changed the way that people communicate and interact relationally. This conversation is ever changing as more research is arising showing the alarming correlation between social media usage and dep...

27 Feb 2018

when to get marriage counseling
Couples are increasingly realizing the importance of Marriage Counseling and are utilizing its benefits to have The Excellent Marriage.  It is our philosophy that Marriage Counseling is essential to the success of every marriage, even if there are no apparent problems.  Our reasoning is based on the very nature of two people coming together and living life. This coming together...

06 Jan 2018

Marriage Vision
Some people are skeptical of New Year Resolutions; some people believe the start of a new year is a great time for a new beginning. Whether you are a skeptic or a resolution junkie, if your marriage needs a tune-up this is a perfect time to begin to talk VISION. Marriage Problems? Throughout my years of serving couples I have noticed that several things contribute to marital dissatisfa...

23 Dec 2017

Marriage Gift
Marriage is a gift---A gift that you both have chosen. This holiday season while remembering this very sentiment honor your Marriage with your presence, shared commitment to one another and relentless unconditional love. Love is a gift that is both given and received and is the highest expression of who we are. Send the message loud and clear to your beloved this holiday season (and dail...


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