Marriage Intensive ($250/hr)

If you are experiencing a serious medical condition and need major surgery, would your doctor do the surgery “an hour-a-week” for 4 – 20 weeks until it was done? Of course not – and that’s why The Excellent Marriage’s one-of-a-kind Intensive Marriage Counseling options are so effective. Even more, it allows couples needing urgent care or couples in crisis to heal their relationship over a Half Day, 1 Day or 2 ½ Day Intensive.

Marriage Intensive Marriage Intensives

Therapeutic Process

Unlike many Intensive Marriage Counseling programs, Therapist Deona Frierson works with one couple at a time.  Typically, the couple would participate in a number of double private marriage counseling sessions (240 minutes). It could be one double session or two per day. Also note that Educational tools are part of the therapeutic process.  Most of all, my goal is to equip you with new insight and tools that will give you hope and healing for the future of your marriage. The cost is $350 per hour. Intensives can take place during the week (Monday through Friday), or a pre-scheduled weekend.


  • Desire quick results
  • Experienced an Affair or Infidelity
  • Are experiencing significant distress in their relationships
  • Are unable to attend traditional therapy each week due to scheduling conflicts or work commitments
  • Live out-of-state

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This 4-hour sessions – the equivalent of a full month of therapy – is for couples who are on the verge of imminent separation or divorce.

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This session helps by assisting couples in connecting and exploring root causes of marital dissatisfaction.

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These 2 ½ days are geared towards couples who have experienced an affair or are extremely disconnected, separated or divorced.  Similar to our marriage counseling retreats, this option, which can be considered a marriage intensive retreat, allows you to separate from day-to-day activity to primarily focus on the marriage.   

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Marriage Intensive Marriage Counseling

Marriage Intensives Travel Arrangements

The Excellent Marriage is located in the beautiful Queen City of Charlotte, NC.  In addition, our office location is within a five mile proximity of the beautiful uptown Charlotte and easily accessible from anywhere.  In addition, there are two major interstates that allow convenient access to the office.


Due to our close proximity to Uptown Charlotte, there are numerous hotels to choose from based on your preference.  Therefore, All of the major brands as well as locally owned hotels have options ranging from 5-star to 3-star.

Driving Time to/from Charlotte NC:

Columbia, SC – 1.15 hours
Grensboro, NC – 1.15 hours
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC – 1.5 hours
Raleigh, NC – 2 hours
Charleston, SC – 3.5 hours
Atlanta, GA – 3.5 hours

Intensive Marriage Therapy


The closest airport is the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Most importantly, Charlotte Douglas is a major airport with many non-stop flights. Also, The Airport is approximately 15 minutes away from The Excellent Marriage office, the location for the Marriage Intensive.


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