Marriage Counseling

INITIAL Sessions CAN LAST up to 1 hour 15 minutes ($200)

Ongoing Sessions Last 50 minutes ($150)

At The Excellent Marriage we believe Marriage Counseling can benefit all married couples.  Marriage Counseling is one of the most favorable gifts you can give to your marriage.  Whether you are the disconnected couple or the couple where everything is going well, our services can help you.  Let The Excellent Marriage assist you in having the marriage that goes beyond your dreams.  Begin your journey by scheduling one of the available options below today.




We recommend The Excellent Marriage because it is a genuine, loving, faith based and knowledgeable program that enriches relationships both individually as well as collectively. This program forces couples to dig deep and be the best authentic version of themselves, which is something much needed in today’s society.

I started The Excellent Marriage as an engaged woman looking through the lenses of what I thought marriage was in a very general sense. The Excellent Marriage has taught me how to be a better woman through my faults and forced me to more vulnerable. I have since learned how to be a better partner, wife and now mother as we continue our journey with each other and The Excellent Marriage.

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marriage counseling near me

Marriage Maintenance

Some Couples believe Marriage Counseling is for the couple nearing divorce.  However this can’t be further from the truth.  We encourage couples to give to their marriages even when they consider things to be going well.  So many factors can contribute to a disconnect of the best marriages.

The Marriage Maintenance option is best suited for the couple whose marriage is going well but desire more.  This option is for the couple wanting to get the most out of their marriage or prevent from deteriorating.  Together we will tackle any problems between maintenance visits.  The goal is to infuse the marriage with all the fruit to have a long-lasting marriage.

Maintenance visits are typically not weekly but held as needed or periodically such as monthly, quarterly or twice a year.

Troubled Marriage

When the marriage is not going as hoped or separation/divorce may be eminent, this option may be best.  Couples best suited for this option have experienced some sort of a disconnect that may have led to  communication problems or an affair.  Our primary while providing relationship counseling is to repair what caused the disconnect.  After the repair process, our marriage counselor will begin moving the marriage back to a maintainable state, if desired.

This option requires more of a commitment, especially if the possibility of divorce or an affair occurred.  Periodic visits in the midst of a problematic marriage wouldn’t be sufficient.  Weekly visits or more are suggested during this stage.  The commitment is necessary and will be less painful, especially financially, than the cost of divorce.  According to Forbes the cost of divorce is between $15,000 and $30,000 .

Marriage Enhancement

The Excellent Marriage also provide options for couples desiring to enhance their marriage with new ideas and concepts.   Keeping the Marriage Fresh and of course Excellent.  From the latest workshops to retreats, The Excellent Marriage has what you need.  The enhancement offerings differ but at the foundation level you will learn effective ways to communicate, how to be heard and understood, resolve conflict, increase connection and intimacy.  Visit our Events page or search our list of Marriage Related offerings today.  The Excellent Marriage can perform these offerings outside the Marriage Counseling Charlotte NC area.  If your search is for Marriage Counseling Near Me or Couples Counseling Near Me, Contact the Excellent Marriage as we are the organization for your marital needs.


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