The Excellent Marriage FAQs.

The Excellent Marriage has helped many couples from around the world achieve outstanding results. Here are the FAQs we are often asked by people considering joining The Excellent Marriage.

I have health insurance. Will it cover my Couples Therapy with you?

We do not file to health insurance companies, however, you can check with your policy for “out of network mental health benefits.” If you have this option, you may be reimbursed by your insurance company for a portion of the fee, depending on your policy. If you request it, you will receive an invoice from your therapist to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. However, The Excellent Marriage does not accept responsibility for claim denials. If you have an EAP benefit, you may also speak with them about covering or paying a portion of the fee.  To get more detail please read our Policy On Insurance.

Can you travel and offer your services at our location?

Absolutely! We enjoy going out into the community. We offer private retreats (i.e. for friends, co-workers, family), workshops, and seminars that can be held in your church, community center, or any other facility that is conducive for learning and growth. However, Couples Therapy is not offered outside of our office location.  Also, travel expenses must be paid for any location, not within the surrounding Charlotte, NC area.

My wife and I are having problems. Should we make an appointment together or separately?

We recommend that both of you come in together, if your partner is willing. After meeting and talking with both of you, we can recommend either individual or couples therapy.

How many Couples Therapy sessions will it take to achieve results?

Each couple is unique and there is no “average” number of sessions. You may begin to see positive results immediately, but may be encouraged to continue therapy for at least 12 weeks.

What about my privacy and confidentiality?

In order for therapy to be successful you need to openly talk about your problems, hopes, dreams, fantasies, fears etc. It is normal to be concerned about the confidentiality of this information. Your privacy and confidentially are assured, both by law and by professional ethical rules. If you would like the therapist to share information about you with another party, they will need your written permission. The only exceptions are in cases where a person’s safety is endangered, in which case a therapist is obligated professionally and legally to contact the proper authorities.

What makes your Couples Retreats (Marital and Premarital), seminars and/or 8 week Marital Course different from other couples workshops?

The work that is done during these events is facilitated by couple that also utilizes Imago Relationship Therapy in their own marriage. The Retreat, Seminars and Marital Course will teach you skills that will improve your relationship dramatically. In addition, you will learn specific skills that are needed to reduce and resolve conflict, increase satisfaction, and resurrect the passion and intimacy you once had.

Your marriage does not have to be in trouble to utilize these options; you can enhance your marriage through participation in one of these events.

Will I have to “expose” myself in front of other people during a Retreat, Seminar or Course?

No, you will never be forced to do anything or talk about anything you do not want to. We will never put people on the spot when leading the group. You never have to talk about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.

Am I required to pay for your services at the time they are given?

Yes. We take personal checks and cash in person.  If you are attending one our events, you should use our website to pay using Paypal or a credit card.  If you are a returning client receiving premarital or marital therapy, you can select the Appointment link on the website to schedule and pay for your therapy session using Paypal or credit card.


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