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The Bride Exclusive is a component within The Excellent Marriage.  This component is all about the bride as she prepares for marriage.  The Bride Exclusive is broken into two areas, The Bridal Exclusive Experience and The Bridal Exclusive Brunch.  The primary focus of each area is different.  However, together they include what we believe will assist you into making a successful transition from bride to wife.

Licensed Therapist and Relationship Expert Deona Frierson, as a previous Bride, understands the desire to be an Excellent Wife.  She also knows that transition can sometimes be difficult.  It’s not uncommon to become inundated with the planning of a wedding and all of the stress that may sometimes accompany the experience.

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Bridal Exclusive Experience

Join Licensed Therapist and Founder of The Excellent Marriage, Deona Frierson for an exciting 6 weeks of growth, fun, support and transparency.  The Bridal Exclusive Experience can be viewed as an online premarital counseling group just for brides.  During this 6 week journey you will transform the way that you see and experience yourself and how you “show up” in your relationships (most importantly your marriage).

Hosted on a private page (25 ladies per group), Deona will share the secrets of how you can conquer your fears, authentically journey through life while being the greatest expression of yourself which will position you for not only a good marriage but The Excellent Marriage.

The Bridal Gift She will Surely Love...

Pre Marriage Counseling Online

Bridal Exclusive Brunch

The Bridal Exclusive Brunch is an excellent choice for beautiful brides providing you with resources to approach life, marriage and becoming a wife wholeheartedly. Brides will have the opportunity to interact with one another while drawing inspiration from Licensed Therapist and Relationship Expert Deona Frierson.

The Bride Exclusive Brunch is a place for Brides to relax and focus on Self. No Wedding Planning, No Vendors.  This Brunch is an opportunity to check-in, distress and remain focused on what really matters– Marriage.  Whether you have some internal pre-marriage clearing to do or just want expert assistance journeying toward ‘The Excellent Wife Life”.   The Bridal Exclusive Brunch is an excellent choice.

Most Importantly, Visit our Events page for the next Bridal Brunch in your area.  See you soon.


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