premarital counselling Charlotte NCSeveral options exist for couples hoping to restore connection, enhance their relationship, rebuild safety and prevent an unwanted divorce.

Imago Based Therapy and Seminars

The below set of seminars and therapy sessions introduce you to the concepts of a unique model of committed love relationships known as “Imago” (i- MAH-go.) Co-created by Dr. Harville Hendrix and his wife, Helen Hunt, (and described in the New York Times best selling book: Getting The Love You Want: A Guide for Couples,) Imago teaches that once the elements causing the greatest pain in marriage are revealed and understood, they can be utilized for reaping marriage’s greatest gift: that of personal healing and spiritual growth.

Visit to see many articles & descriptions of Imago and why Oprah chose Imago as one of her “Top 20” moments

Private Couples Therapy (Marital & Pre-Marital)

Deona M. Frierson, MSW, LCSW [cost $100/hr]

Deona M. Frierson, MSW, LCSW & David Frierson (LIMITED slots available) [cost $150/hr]

This option is for couples in any stage of relationship.  All sessions are held in a private setting and will focus on making your marriage a success.  This is the best option for achieving your marital goals as sessions are tailored to address you specific needs.  In the beginning, weekly sessions are encouraged. The first session, (and most subsequent sessions,) is 90 minutes.

Pre-Marital Class 

[cost $50 per class]

This is a very popular class filled with lots of energy and excitement. If you are recently engaged or thinking of becoming engaged, we encourage you to participate in the next Pre-Marital Class.

This nine-week class covers topics such as:
The Art of Effective Communication (The Imago Dialogue Process)
Intimacy: Understanding You (Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically) &
The Marriage Vision
Couples will also discuss topics such as finances, conflict resolution, personality differences, extended family, holidays, etc…
This class includes lectures, demonstrations, couple’s dialogue and written exercises.

Weekend Workshop for Couples (Marital)

[cost $250 per couple]

This option is, hands down, the choice for couples seeking the greatest benefit for the least investment of time and money. In just a little over two days, enhance and divorce-proof your relationship in a seminar format. (this is NOT group therapy! No self-disclosure required; all work done in private.)

Throughout the weekend, participants learn and practice a concrete communication tool. As this simple skill is mastered, the hidden origins of each person’s needs are illuminated, creating a deepened sense of empathy and compassion and a strong desire to begin the process of co-creating what we call a Conscious Marriage: a relationship of passionate best friends.

Speaking Engagements

Experienced, engaging, and lively public speakers, We are available for talks, lectures and Q-and-A sessions. We are also available to speak at conferences on a number of subjects, including topics listed below under seminars. We can also tailor packages that fit your audience.


The Marriage Vision

Intimacy and Connection

Keys to my Heart: Communicating Effectively and Empathically

Marriage as God Intended

Ready to Love: Giving and Receiving Love after Separation or Divorce



The Intentional Woman: Women’s Group

[cost $25 per group]

This 9 week experience is designed for women who desire to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level. This level of deepening comes through consciousness and “Being” present. Prepare to explore your past as you are strengthened for your future with a primary focus on understanding the power of NOW. Group participants experience positive interaction with one another while journeying together, growing and developing skills needed to live consciously as an Intentional Woman.  To learn more visit

Men Initiating Change: Men’s Group

[cost $20 per group]

Men’s group designed to develop the complete man so that He can be confident in His identity, passionate about His purpose, and determined to impact every area of his life, especially His marriage. Group participants experience positive interaction with other Men while journeying and encouraging each other to live a conscious, authentic, and intentional life.