PreMarital Counseling

Thank you for considering The Excellent Marriage for your premarital counseling services. We are so excited for you and your fiance. You are now on a journey to one of the most profound relationships on earth, marriage. We provide an array of services that will prepare you for the lifelong days after saying “I Do.” Let the skills learned and practiced using one or more of the services below become the foundation of your marital unit.



My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our premartial counseling sessions with Deona. She is very skilled and knowledgeable. We gained so much and now apply it to our relationship daily. She’s easy to talk to, makes you feel extremely comfortable, she’s fun, and just has a wealth of knowledge to share. I also loved how we learned about the truths of marriage according to God’s Word and on Christian principles.

Additionally, we enjoyed our workbook sessions which allowed us to dig deep within our past and childhood experiences to see how it reflects within our relationship. It was very insightful. We already felt that we had a great foundation but with all that we gained, our foundation was not only reinforced, but strengthened.


Start Right Stay Connected 9 wk Premarital Counseling Class ($50/class)

This is a very popular class filled with lots of energy and excitement. If  engaged or soon becoming engaged, we encourage you to participate in the next Pre-Marital Class. This nine-week class covers topics such as finances, conflict resolution, personality differences, extended family, holidays, etc… Be prepared to learn therapeutic techniques that promote marital and individual success, while in a safe class-like setting.

This nine-week class covers topics such as:

The Art of Effective Communication (The Imago Dialogue Process)
Intimacy: Understanding You (Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically)

Couples will also discuss topics such as finances, conflict resolution, personality differences, extended family, holidays, etc…
This class includes lectures, demonstrations, couple’s dialogue and written exercises.

The Excellent Gift For the Engaged Couple...

PreMarital Day Retreat ($250)

This one day Premarital Retreat is perfect for couples who can’t attend our popular nine-week course.  You will gain some basic but necessary knowledge before the wedding day.  The Excellent Marriage has condensed some of the topics shared during the nine-week course that will give you an awareness or insight into being married.  If you are engaged and would like to join other couples journeying towards having The Excellent Marriage, we encourage you to participate in this one day event.

Topics covered could vary based on the overall need of the group.

Private Therapy ($100/hr)

Private sessions will provide you the greatest opportunity for individual and collective growth as you prepare for marriage.  Sessions are held in an intimate setting where total focus is on you having The Excellent Marriage.  The private time spent with the therapist will enhance communication, sharpen listening skills and increase connectivity.  Any area that will impede you having a successful marriage will be improved, however in a non-obtrusive manner.