About Us

TherapistThe Excellent Marriage is a company, founded by David and Deona Frierson, with the purpose of providing therapeutic avenues that support and strengthen marriages.

Deona M. Frierson, MSW, LCSW is an Imago Trained therapist specializing in Marriage and Relationship Counseling. Deona is committed to helping couples heal through their marital relationship. Deona also enjoys working with women discussing issues faced throughout life which may cause the loss of focus in the area of being great wives, mothers and professionals. Deona is described as “a breath of fresh air, vibrant, competent, caring, encouraging and safe.”  To learn more read About Deona M. Frierson.

David D. Frierson, MS, is an Information Technology Architect/Senior Software Developer. He has trained alongside Deona in the Art of Helping and ReBuilding Relationships. David is a trained Imago Educator with Graduate level training in Professional Counseling. David is described as a “serious, focused, dedicated person who has the heart to see others succeed.”

David and Deona Frierson are passionate about seeing marriages restored and helping people understand God’s plan for marriage. This couple has been married for 15 years and enjoy spending time with their three children Malik, Isaiah and Hannah.