Marriage Therapy Approach

marriage therapyMarriage Therapy provided by The Excellent Marriage is one that is unique, ever evolving, and life lasting.

We believe each marriage is distinct with its own desired goals.  We believe there is no one-fit-all approach to having The Excellent Marriage.  We also believe the potential to have the marriage you desire lies within each couple. However, due to the difficulty of merging  differences and the inability to communicate where listening and understanding happens, The Excellent Marriage can seem like an unobtainable goal.

You will discover that our approach to marriage therapy may be different from what you would typically expect.  We help couples control the way they react while working to merge differences. We also utilize a new communication technique that builds intimacy and connection. You will begin to develop a more conscious marriage where inappropriate reactions lessen and the path to travel towards the desired marriage becomes clearer. We work along with you through the process of development and growth until you begin to merge differences without our assistance. You will not have to always rely on marriage therapy to move through life, you will develop the necessary tools to handle any challenge that may come across your path.